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Parallels Toolbox for Windows updates summary

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  • Parallels Toolbox Business Edition

Parallels Toolbox 3.0.0 (1425) for Windows

This version of Parallels Toolbox 3.0.0 (1425) for Windows addresses overall stability and performance issues, and includes the following features and new tools:

New tools

  • “Sleep Timer” — set a time interval after which your computer will be either shut down or switched to sleep mode.
  • “Find Duplicates” — use this tool to search your computer for duplicate files and delete them.
  • “Resize Images” — allows you to resize images and convert them to a different format.

New features

  • “Download Video” can now download 4K videos.
  • “Record Audio” can save audio files as MP3.
  • When you create a screenshot, you can set to automatically copy it to the clipboard.
  • There are many tools in the Parallels Toolbox window - use the Search field to find the tool you need.
  • If you don’t want the Parallels Toolbox window to look overcrowded, hide the tools you don’t use in the Parallels Toolbox settings.


Parallels Toolbox 1.6.2 (1009) for Windows

This release improves external display detection dialog in Presentation Mode tool.


Parallels Toolbox 1.6.1 (1006) for Windows

This release resolves an issue for some users updating from Toolbox 1.5.1 to 1.6.0 and not seeing any tools as a result.


Parallels Toolbox 1.6.0 (1005) for Windows

This update for Parallels Toolbox 1.6.0 (1005) for Windows contains the following improvements:

New features

  • New separate Packs (smaller focused sets of tools at lower price): 
    • Parallels Toolbox Screen and Video Pack
    • Parallels Toolbox Presentation Pack
    • Parallels Toolbox Disk and System Pack
  • Preferences for the tools are displayed more prominently

Other enhancements

  • Frequently used screen resolutions are listed in separate section in Switch Resolution tool
  • Resolved several bugs and crashes


Parallels Toolbox 1.5.1 (832) for Windows

This update for Parallels Toolbox 1.5.1 (832) for Windows contains the following improvements:

  • Improved compatibility with Parallels Desktop virtual machines
  • Improved compatibility for Switch Resolution tool with multimonitor configurations


Parallels Toolbox 1.5.0 (830) for Windows

This update for Parallels Toolbox 1.5.0 (830) for Windows contains the following new tools and improvements:

New tools:

  1. Clean Drive

    Use this tool to get more free disk space and optimize your computer. It scans your computer and helps to delete files that can be safely removed – cache, logs, temporary files, etc.

  2. Presentation Mode

    Use this tool to minimize distractions when showing a presentation or stay focused at work. Presentation Mode hides all files on your desktop, disables notifications, and prevents your computer from going to sleep. When you connect an external display or projector, you’re automatically prompted to enable Presentation Mode. All the tool’s settings are customizable and you can tune it to your needs in the tool’s preferences.

  3. Switch Resolution

    Use this tool to change the screen resolution with just a few clicks. If you often change resolution, drag the tool to the Windows taskbar to have it always at hand.

New features:

  • More video sites are supported to download videos
  • You can choose to highlight mouse clicks when recording a video
  • When you select some area to capture a screenshot, you can also see its pixel size
  • New tools are highlighted in the Parallels Toolbox window

Parallels Toolbox for small and medium businesses:

  • Install Parallels Toolbox on multiple computers over the network
  • Restrict access to some of the tools
  • Choose whether Parallels Toolbox updates automatically
  • Read more info about Parallels Toolbox Business Edition in the Parallels Toolbox Administrator’s Guide.

Other fixes and stability improvements:

  • Improved stability – several crashes and bugs have been fixed.


Parallels Toolbox 1.1.2 (696) for Windows

This update for Parallels Toolbox 1.1.2 (696) for Windows includes the following fixes:

  • Minor fixes and stability improvements


Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.1.1 (689)

This update for Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.1.1 (689) includes the following fixes:

  • Compatibility with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  • Other minor fixes


Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.1.0 (686)

This update for Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.1.0 (686) includes the following improvements:

  • Ability to set launch shortcuts for tools
  • Preferences to specify files output location for various tools
  • Option to save screenshots in different image format
  • Option to set timeframe for "Do Not Sleep" deactivation
  • Option to specify file size for Record Audio recordings
  • Option to specify file size for Record video tools
  • Option to disable automatic loading of Toolbox when computer starts
  • Option for delay in Capture tools
  • Option for delay in Record video tools


Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.0.1 (588)

This update for Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.0.1 (588) resolves several important issues currently present in Toolbox for Windows 1.0.0:

  • Toolbox crashes for some users when installed in VM
  • Fixes to login/registration dialog
  • Vertical line in Toolbox UI in Windows 10 VM


Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.0.0 (519)

Parallels Toolbox 1.0.0 (519) makes it easy to perform many common tasks on the PC with simple single-function tools. Tools can be started from Start menu, pinned to the taskbar, and used from the Parallels Toolbox window. Tools included in this version:

  • Audio and video management: record audio, mute microphone, video downloader, and video converter
  • Take Screenshots: capture area, window, or screen
  • Record Screen: record area, window, or screen
  • Take Photo and Take Video
  • Peace, productivity, and privacy: do not disturb, do not sleep, hide desktop icons, and lock screen
  • Archiving: archive and un-archive

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