Install Windows on a Mac with Apple M1 chip

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To install a new virtual machine on a Mac with Apple M1 chip, you need to use an ARM-based installation image with a supported operating system.

Install Windows 11 on ARM

Note: If you haven't install Parallels Desktop yet, download and try for free.

1. Register for Windows Insider Program

To download Windows 11 on ARM Insider Preview, you must register for the Windows Insider Program. Click on the button below, sign in and click the Register option to register for the Windows Insider Program.


2. Download the installation file

After successful registration, click on the button below and download the Windows Client ARM64 Insider Preview VHDX image.


3. Open the file in Parallels Desktop

Once the VHDX image is downloaded, double-click on the file to open in Parallels Desktop and follow the on-screen instructions. Wait for the installation to complete. When ready, you will see the following window.


You can also watch this video for instructions:


Please note that customers who install guest operating systems in Parallels Desktop virtual machines are responsible for making sure that they are compliant with each OS's end-user licensing agreement (EULA).

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