Parallels Desktop for Mac computers with Apple M1 chips and third-party applications compatibility

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'Unsupported architecture' error message

Upon starting a third-party application or a game inside Windows on a Mac with Apple M1 chip the error message stating the application or a game doesn't support ARM architecture might pops up. It means that this application/game is incompatible with ARM architecture. In this case, we advise you to contact the application/game Support team for supporting the game for the ARM platform.

Application/game crashes or doesn't start

If your game or an application running inside Windows on ARM doesn't start or crashes right after starting it, we advise you to perform the steps below:

1. If you use Windows 10 or Windows 11 Insider Preview, we advise you to install Windows 11 from the Installation Assistant wizard by clicking Get Windows 11 from Microsoft button.

The main idea of this step is that all x86 applications are running with the help of a built-in Windows emulator that helps to run such applications on ARM architecture. Microsoft constantly enhances the emulator, thus if an application doesn't work today, it might work tomorrow. 

2. Enable compatibility settings: right-click the application icon > Properties > Compatibility tab > Change emulation settings > tick all the options as shown on the screenshot below:

If the application still crashes/doesn't start/starts with an error, we advise you to contact the software developer to request them to support the application on the ARM platform.

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