How can I find my activation key for Parallels Desktop for Mac?

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A product activation key is a set of 30 characters divided into five blocks of six characters:


The key is provided with the purchase of Parallels Desktop for Mac and is used to activate a Parallels Desktop copy.

If you lost your activation key, you can try retrieving it using the options mentioned below.

  1. Open your Parallels account Dashboard and click on Active subscriptions under Parallels Desktop for Mac.
  2. Click on the subscription you need a license for.
  3. At the bottom of the subscription page you will find the License Keys box with the product licenses.

If you didn't find your Parallels Desktop license using the instructions above, go back to the Dashboard and check if the license is available under Legacy licenses.

If you purchased Parallels Desktop from the Parallels Online Store, please click here to retrieve your key.

If your copy of Parallels Desktop was purchased from a Parallels reseller, the key was sent to you via email, at the email address you used when you purchased Parallels Desktop. Please check the order confirmation email sent by the reseller to locate the key.

If you purchased a boxed copy of Parallels Desktop, the key should be located inside the box.

You can locate a Parallels Desktop for Mac key used on your Mac using a Terminal command.

Note: The instructions below are only applicable to subscriptions.

Start the Terminal (Finder > Applications > Utilities) and execute the following command:

    prlsrvctl info --license

The output will give you the serial line with numeric codes in the following format:


The more activation keys you used on the Mac, the more codes you will see in the Terminal.


Copy the contents of the serial line and send to Parallels Customer Support.


If none of the above methods worked, contact Parallels Support and attach a copy of your invoice that includes details of your purchase.


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