Keyboard layout synchronization in Parallels Desktop for Mac

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Parallels Desktop provides close integration between Mac and Windows operating systems. One of the most popular features that make the interaction between operating systems more seamless is keyboard layout synchronization


The main aspects of keyboard layout synchronization between the host macOS and the Windows operating system are the following:

Arabic (Arabic)

Danish (Danish)

German (German)

German (Austrian)

German (Swiss German)

English (U.S.)

English (British)

English (U.S. International - PC)

English (Dvorak)

Spanish (Spanish)

Finnish (Finnish)

French (French)

French (Canadian French - CSA)

French (Swiss French)

French (French - Numerical)

Italian (Italian)

Dutch (Dutch)

Dutch (Belgian)

Norwegian (Norwegian)

Polish (Polish Pro)

Portuguese (Brazilian)

Russian (Russian)

Swedish (Swedish)

 1. Click on the Windows Start menu and then on the cogwheel button to open Windows settings:

 2. Select Time&Languages > Language

 3. Click on the desired language from the Preferred languages list  > Options > Add a keyboard > select (Apple) - Parallels keyboard layout:

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