How to disable keyboard layout synchronisation between Mac and Windows virtual machine.

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Whenever I switch keyboard layout in macOS, it also switches it in Windows, and vise versa. How can I turn it off?


In order to disable keyboard layout synchronization, you need to manually modify config.pvs file.

  1. Shut down your virtual machine (Actions > Shut down). If it is in a suspended state, resume it and then shut down.

  2. Right-click Parallels Desktop icon > Control Center.

  3. Right-click the name of your virtual machine > Show in Finder.

  4. Right-click the .pvm file > Show Package Contents.

  5. Right-click the config.pvs file > Open With >

  6. In TextEdit, press Cmd+F shortcut and locate the following part:

    <KeyboardLayoutSync dyn_lists="">

    And change 1 to 0. It should look like this:

    <KeyboardLayoutSync dyn_lists="">

Save the changes in config.pvs file and close it. Run the virtual machine. Now, keyboard layouts are not synchronized and will not be changed automatically.

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