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Why do I have to sign in to contact Parallels Support?

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition
  • Parallels Access for Business
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition
  • Parallels Toolbox
  • Parallels Desktop Lite
  • Parallels Access
  • Parallels Mac Management
  • Parallels Remote Application Server

At Parallels, we work hard on improving our products and services to deliver great experience to our customers. Here are some benefits of using Support Portal available to every registered Parallels user.

Ease of contact

  • No more support code: you don't need it to contact Support anymore.
  • No more email verification on the call.
  • Once authorized, Parallels Support has access to your past tickets, registered products and contact information to assist you better. 

Work with your tickets

  • See your tickets history, reply to Support or check for updates in Support Portal.
  • For business accounts, multiple administrators have access to their company tickets. Communication with support is transparent and visible to all administrators.

Contribute to Knowledge Base Search Optimization

  • When you're looking for solutions, we thoroughly analyze your requests to optimize search results.
  • Every user helps other members of the Parallels Community to get the right answer to their question.

If you have issues signing in to your Parallels account, please refer to KB 113624.


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