Cannot sign up or log in to Parallels account

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Sign in to existing account

Issue Solution
 I forgot my password.  Reset your password using Forgot password link on My Account's login page.
 I no longer have access to the email address I used to register at
  1. Create a new account with your current email address.
  2. Visit this page and reach out to support. Our support team will help you to transfer the license(s) (if any) registered to the old email address to your new account upon verification.
 I do not remember which email address I used to register an account.  Search for emails from in your mailboxes to understand which one was used for registration.
 I am trying to reset my password, however, I do not receive the password reset email.
  1. Check your Junk/Spam folder.
  2. Ensure emails from are not blocked/add this email address to your Contacts list.
  3. Alternatively, access your account using an already authorized device/browser.
  4. If you still fail to receive the password reset email or authorize access to your account, please use one of the Customer Care options to contact support, and our engineers will be able to assist you with the password restoration.
 I am accessing my account from an unconfirmed device/browser and am not getting the email to authorize the device/browser.

Sign up for a new account

Issue Solution
 I cannot sign up with the error: "This email is already in use".  There's an account already created with this email address. Use Forgot password link on My Account's login page to restore access to the account.

 I get an error message:

"You're not recommended to use this password because it's widely used and cannot reliably protect your account."

 The password you want to use is not secure. Please specify a more complex password to minimize the chances of hacking your account.

 I need to create a business account for my company, but I don't find such an option.

 Business accounts are created from Personal accounts when registering a Business product license. For details, see KB123518

 I get an error message: "This email address was previously deleted and cannot be reused for at least {n} days while we`re making sure that all data is completely removed from all Parallels services."

 Your email address was already used as a Parallels account and then deleted. Please wait a corresponding number of days to create a new account with the same email address as stated in the error message.

Single Sign-On issues

Issue Solution

I’m an admin of a business account of my company/organization registered with Parallels, and I want to log in to the business account using the Single Sign-On procedure.

Read for more details about configuring Single Sign-On integration with Parallels My Account.

I’m an end-user of the Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition, and I want to activate the Parallels Desktop on my computer via Single Sign-On.

 As the end-user of the Parallels Desktop for Mac, you don’t need to log in to the Parallels My Account ( using the web browser to activate the product.

Use the Single Sign-On button inside the product instead. If you encounter problems using SSO inside the product, ask your product (license) admin for assistance.

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