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I am not able to login to my account at

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I am not able to login to my account at Parallels website.


You forgot your password or entered password is not correct.


You can reset the password for your account.

For this, please visit:

Enter your registered email address, then click the Next button.

Check your Inbox for an email from with a link to reset the password.

Follow the link and enter the new password (twice) for your account. Please note that the password must be 6 to 20 symbols long.

If your email is no longer valid or you cannot retrieve the password, it is recommended to contact Parallels support:

Note: Sometimes messages with the password retrieval link from Parallels are not delivered to, or email addresses.

It is recommended to contact Parallels support. We also recommend you to use an alternative email address for your Parallels Account to make sure that messages from Parallels are delivered.

If you would like to change it, please use the Edit option next to your current email address in your account.

Visit KB #116181 for details on changing the password for your Parallels account.

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