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Error: PRL_ERR_UNIMPLEMENTED when trying to create a Boot Camp virtual machine

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  • I am trying to create a Boot Camp-based virtual machine (VM), but I get an error message:

    Failed to configure the Boot Camp partition's hard disk. A disk configuration error has occurred. Make sure that you have read/write permissions for the disk.
    Error: PRL_ERR_UNIMPLEMENTED (0x80000008)


  1. Start Parallels Desktop for Mac. Click on the Parallels icon at Mac's menu bar -> Preferences... > Advanced tab > enable Use detailed log messages.
  2. Make sure that native Boot Camp works fine:

    • Boot into Boot Camp natively and check filesystem for errors: open Start menu > type Command Prompt > right-click on it and run as administrator. In Command Prompt execute the following command:

      chkdsk /r

    NOTE: Command Prompt will offer you to schedule volume check at the next time the system restarts. Type Y and hit Enter/Return.

    • Restart Windows. Follow the procedure of disk scanning and repairing.
  3. Boot back to Mac OS X. Try to create a new Boot Camp VM (delete a previous Boot Camp-based VM first if you have one).
  4. Open Parallels Desktop preferences again: click on the Parallels icon at Mac's menu bar -> Preferences... > Advanced tab > disable Use detailed log messages.
  5. If you still not able to create a Boot Camp-based VM, please send us a problem report, save its ID and contact the Parallels Support team for assistance.


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