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Error 41300: Failed to convert the virtual machine

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition


I cannot convert my VMware virtual machine. Instead I get the following error message:

    Error 41300: Failed to convert the virtual machine


  • Make sure VMware Fusion the virtual machine is not encrypted.

  • Try to split and then "unsplit" the VMware Fusion virtual machine hard disk in your virtual machine settings before converting it to a Parallels Desktop virtual machine

  • The VMware virtual machine file name may contain unsupported symbols, such as /, * or &. Rename the virtual machine and try to convert it again.

  • Make sure your virtual machine is free of hard disk errors:

    Run chkdsk (checkdisk) utility in your Windows virtual machine (following the instructions from the KB115549) to fix possible hard disk issues and try to convert it again.

  • Make sure your Mac has enough hard disk space:

    There should be at least twice as much free space on your destination hard disk as the size of your source virtual machine.

  • Restart Parallels Desktop and try to restart the conversion.

If the steps above do not help, try to convert the virtual machine using the Terminal commands:

  • Start the Terminal on your Mac (Finder -> Applications -> Utilities)
  • Execute the following command and hit Return:

    /Applications/Parallels\ /<path to .vhd> --no-src-check --no-reconfig

Please note that instead of <path to .vhd>, you need to write down the actual path to your virtual machine .vhd file.


    /Applications/Parallels\ /Volumes/500gb\ 1/WIN-8.VHD --no-src-check --no-reconfig

Please note you can drag and drop your virtual machine's .vhd file to the Terminal instead of typing the file path manually.

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