Parallels Desktop for Mac compatibility with macOS Monterey 12 – Known Issues

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Parallels Engineering team keeps testing Parallels Desktop for Mac and other products with macOS Monterey 12 Beta to ensure full compatibility as soon as it is released.

Below is the list of known issues we are working on with the available workarounds that we have tested in our lab.

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Known issues

Issue Workaround
macOS Monterey 12 as a host operating system


 Windows applications launched in the Coherence mode don't occupy full screen and can't be resized with the 'Automatically hide and show menu bar' option turned off.

 Fixed in Parallels Desktop 17.

 As a workaround for Parallels Desktop 16, follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click Windows icon in the Dock > View > Exit Coherence.
  2. Right-click Windows icon in the Dock > View > Enter Full Screen.
  3. Open the application you need in Full Screen or resize it.


 Parallels Desktop hangs on "Starting.." on the first launch after upgrading the host to macOS Monterey 12 Beta. 

 Quit Parallels Desktop (right-click Parallels Desktop icon in Dock > Quit) and launch again.


 Installation Assistant doesn't have the option "Use Windows from Boot Camp" on an Intel-based Mac. 

 No workaround yet.
 4  Unable to drag and drop a file from macOS Home folder to Windows.  Fixed in Parallels Desktop 17.
 5  macOS Big Sur virtual machine (VM) crashes on start with Parallels Tools installed.   No workaround yet.
macOS Monterey 12 as a virtual machine


 Unable to install macOS Monterey 12 in a virtual machine from the Recovery partition. "Invalid argument" error appears.  Fixed in Parallels Desktop 17.
 2  No Internet in macOS 12 virtual machine on a Mac with Apple M1 chip when VPN is enabled on host.  Follow the steps from KB 128519 to work around the issue.


 Upgrading virtual machine from macOS Mojave 10.14.6 to macOS Monterey 12 hangs.

 No workaround yet.

 4  macOS Monterey 12 virtual machine crashes after opening it from Dock.  No workaround yet.
 5  Unable to install macOS Monterey 12 in a virtual machine from .app file.  Fixed in Parallels Desktop 17.


Issues fixed in macOS Monterey 12

Some customers might have experienced some issues in macOS Big Sur 11 and earlier macOS versions. Below is the list of issues that have been addressed in macOS Monterey 12.



 All network devices in Windows disappear upon switching to the Shared network


 Short network interruptions while opening a file from a NAS drive using some applications. 


 "Medent EMR" app can't connect to a server.

 4  Certain types of SSL connections to the virtual machine (VM) fail if the network type is set to the Bridged network mode.
 5  Network initialization failed error when running more than 32 VMs simultaneously.
 6  Windows crashes upon playing sound in the virtual machine.







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