How to record screen image for Parallels Technical Support team?

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  1. Please go to Finder > Applications folder and launch QuickTime Player

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  2. Click on File menu and choose New Screen Recording

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  3. To start recording, click on 'rec' icon in the middle

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  4. Make a left-click to start recording the full screen

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    NOTE: After reproducing the issue for a record, please submit new Problem Report via Help menu of Parallels Desktop. Please find full instructions here: How to create a Problem Report ID

  5. Once the issue is recorded, right-click on QuickTime Player icon in the Dock and choose Stop Screen Recording

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  6. Click on File menu, choose Save... and specify name of the file and place to save it

  7. Right-click on saved file and choose Compress...

  8. Provide Parallels Technical Support team with compressed recording file. In order to upload it to Parallels file share, please refer to these knowledge articles: Upload via Terminal, Upload via FileZilla.

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