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What are the Virtual Machine hardware limits?

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition


  • How much RAM can I allocate for the virtual machine?
  • What is the maximum CPU count for the virtual machine?
  • How many USB devices can I use on the virtual machine's side?

CPU Limits

In Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac the Maximum number of CPUs you can give to the virtual machine is 16.
In Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac the Maximum number of CPUs is 8.

The number of available preference depends on how many real CPUs your Mac has, so it can vary from 16 CPU to the lesser nubmer in Parallels Desktop 9, with maximum 8 CPUs in Parallels Desktop 8.

RAM Limits

In Parallels Desktop 8 and 9 you may allocate up to 16GB

In Parallels Dekstop 5 - 7, you may allocate up to 8 GB

Please note this prefence also depends on the RAM volume. For more information regarding RAM allocation please check this article:

USB Limits

In Parallels Desktop 7 and 8 for Mac you can connect up to 6 USB and up to 3 LPT printers to a single virtual machine.

In Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac You you are able to connect (forward USB device from Mac Host to the Guest OS) up to 12 USB 3.0, 15 USB 2.0 and 32 USB 1.1 devices to your Windows virtual machine.

You can also connect and use up to 30 USB printers.

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