Upgrading from Parallels Desktop Lite to a full Parallels Desktop for Mac version

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About upgrade of Parallels Desktop Lite

If you purchased Parallels Desktop Lite, you can take advantage of the offer to purchase a 1-year subscription for a full version of Parallels Desktop for Mac with a discount.

With the full version of Parallels Desktop for Mac you get the complete set of features like Coherence, files/applications sharing, support of Cortana on your Mac, support for Windows installed in Boot Camp, and much more. Once upgraded, you also get a complimentary subscription for Parallels Access for the entire period of your Parallels Desktop for Mac subscription.

Note: You need to disable auto-renewal for your Parallels Desktop Lite subscription in App Store if you upgrade the subscription to a full version. Otherwise you will be charged for your Parallels Desktop Lite renewal.

To do the upgrade:

What should I do after upgrade?

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