Error: "Unable to connect CD/DVD 1" when starting a virtual machine

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When I start a virtual machine, I get the following message:

    Unable to connect CD/DVD 1.

    A file or device required for the operation of the CD/DVD 1 does not exist or is used by another process, or you have no permission to access it. 
    The virtual machine will continue running. but the device will be disconnected.


A CD/DVD drive or an ISO image that was connected to your virtual machine is no longer connected.

This could be because of any of the following:


  1. Open your Virtual Machine's Configuration:
  2. Click Hardware tab and click CD/DVD 1.
  3. In the "Connected to:" drop down menu choose Default CD/DVD.

    If your Mac does not have a CD/DVD drive you can just clear the "Connected" checkbox.

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