Connection denied by server

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When launching a remote application session, in the bottom right a notification is shown: Connection denied by server.

In the awingu-application-gateway.service.log , the following PDU code is visible (note: it may be necessary to increase the log level of the gateway to a more verbose level: Increase log level of application gateway ).

23-08-18 08:42:46.460254+00:00 awingu01 awingu-application-gateway.service[java:11094]: cs-id: 96212d25-edc3-4c83-ae2d-ccc322c7dd72, Received Disconnect PDU with code 0x00000007


In the Session Collection properties of the Remote Desktop environment, the security settings are not correctly configured to work with Parallels Secure Workspace.


  1. On the Microsoft Windows environment, open Server Manager Remote Desktop Services > Collections > your collection name.
  2. Under the Properties (of the collection) section: click Tasks > Edit properties.
  3. The Session Collection window should be visible now.
    At the left, click Security. 
  4. Uncheck Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication.


Note: it may take a short while before this change is processed.


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