Parallels Desktop 19 updates summary

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Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac 19.0.0 (54570)

The new major Parallels Desktop version 19.0.0 (build 54570) delivers the following improvements: 

All editions of Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac 

Ready for macOS Sonoma 14 

Parallels Desktop 19 fully supports macOS Sonoma 14 both as a primary OS on Mac as well as running in a virtual machine, so you can upgrade your Mac computers when the new operating system is available. You will see more details about specific improvements for macOS Sonoma below. 

Look and Feel 

Windows on Mac 


macOS (as a virtual machine) 

Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac Pro Edition only 

Improved compatibility with HashiCorp Packer 

Linux on Apple silicon: x86_64 emulation 

Visual Studio Code extension for Parallels Desktop 


Command Line 

Software developers and IT pros using Parallels Desktop are welcome to share their feedback about these improvements, discuss feature suggestions, and have fun with like-minded people at Parallels Desktop Discord channel

Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac Business Edition only 

Using Parallels Deployment package (improved); 

Using Parallels My Account configuration profiles to provision Windows virtual machine (support added); 

Using a prepackaged Windows virtual machine and sharing it as a file (support added). 

What was removed from Parallels Desktop 19 

According to the statistics from the users who participate in the Parallels Customer Experience program, some product features are rarely used or not at all. We have decided to either stop supporting and remove them from Parallels Desktop or focus on frequently used features and further enhancements. 

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