macOS Sonoma сompatibility status with Parallels Desktop

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Our Engineering team is testing Parallels Desktop with macOS Sonoma 14 beta to ensure a stable and reliable user experience. During this testing phase, we are specifically focused on identifying any compatibility issues, performance concerns, or potential conflicts between Parallels Desktop and the beta operating system. Our goal is to address any issues promptly and provide necessary updates to ensure full compatibility when macOS 14 Sonoma is officially released.

As we continue our testing, it is important to note that macOS Sonoma 14 is still in the beta stage. Beta versions are released for testing purposes and may contain issues or unexpected behavior. We encourage you to exercise caution when considering macOS Sonoma 14 as a virtual machine (VM) or host OS, as it may not provide the same level of stability and compatibility as a stable release.

Note: if you want to create a macOS Sonoma 14 virtual machine on a Mac with Apple silicon, see KB 129770.

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Known issues

Issue Workaround
macOS Sonoma 14 as a host operating system
 1  'Print to PDF' results in an empty file.  Use Microsoft Print to PDF printing option.
 2   Printing from Windows doesn't work.

 Fixed in Parallels Desktop 19.

 3  There is no 'Configure' option upon right-clicking the VM icon in the Dock.  Fixed in Parallels Desktop 19.
 4  Microsoft Office apps return black boxes upon clicking pop-up menus after Windows was idle for a long time.  Workaround: restart Windows.
 5  Parallels Desktop icon in the macOS menu bar is less visible than other icons.  Fixed in Parallels Desktop 19.
macOS Sonoma 14 as a virtual machine


 Installing macOS Sonoma 14 VM from the list of Free Systems on a host Mac may fail.

 Fixed in Parallels Desktop 19.

 2  macOS VM gets stuck when upgrading your macOS VM to macOS Sonoma 14 on a Mac with Intel processor.  Try creating a new macOS Sonoma 14 VM.

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