RDP Shortpath for Azure Virtual desktop in Parallels Remote Application server

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Feature description

RDP Shortpath establishes direct UDP-based connection between a remote desktop client and session host. Direct connection reduces the dependency on the Azure Virtual Desktop gateways, improves the connection reliability, and increases the bandwidth available for each user session.

Note: RDPshortpath for both managed and public networks is supported.

To enable AVD Shortpath, please check the box "Manage RDP Shortpath" in the RAS Console > Farm > AVD > Host pools > Host pool properties

Use case

UDP over TCP gives better overal performance in a session, including round-trip latency, image quality and usually the best option to give better user experince. On the other hand, TCP has embedded features which provide error check and its restoration under bad network conditions.

Transport Latency Performance Error check Self-recovery
UDP + + - -
TCP - - + +

There are the following ways to verify which protocol is utilized by RAS session:

- RAS Console > Sessions > double-click on the user session.

- in the published desktop, check the connection details


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