Troubleshoot macOS virtual machine startup issues

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If your encounter an issue when attempts to start a macOS virtual machine (VM) result in the inability to start the macOS VM or the VM getting stuck at some stage, please consider checking the following details first:

1. Make sure the operating system of the macOS VM is supported by Apple to run on this Mac. 

E.g. if you have an iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2015) which isn't compatible with macOS Ventura as per the requirements provided by Apple, such a virtual machine might have some issues like the one described above.

2.  Check that Parallels Desktop doesn't prompts any pop-ups with a suggestion to send a technical report. If it does, if possible, provide all the details about your scenario in the form and click 'Send' to share it with us. 

3. You can ty creating a new macOS virtual machine on a Mac with an Apple M series chip as per KB 125561 to make sure the existing one is not corrupted.


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