Client name on RDS server

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On the Microsoft Windows RDS server, the name appears as "AW-xxxxxxxx-xxx".

This is default behavior and can not be changed in the System Settings.

This refers to a part of the application session ID used internally by Awingu.

For instance, when opening the Task Manager on a Microsoft Windows RDS host and navigating to the Users tab, it's possible to right-click the column headers to display the Client name column. The client name looks like AW-9B00349C-10AD.

In Awingu, it's possible to find the full Client Session ID by navigating to Awingu's Dashboard > Audit > Application Sessions. Enter the client name here. The full client session ID will be similar to 9b00349c-10ad-4fec-b5d9-d2cd7433c211. This will show all the details related to this application session.



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