Awingu Product End-of-Maintenance and Support Policy

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Awingu usually supports the most recent two minor releases.

Customers with a valid maintenance and support (M&S) contract, are entitled to the versions released during this period.

Example: when Awingu 5.4 is released, only 5.3 and 5.4 are supported.
Awingu 5.2 and lower are no longer officially supported at that point.


This is described in more detail in the EULA :

Upon each new release (regardless whether such release constitutes an Upgrade or an Update), Awingu shall maintain only the Version of the Product that has been thus revised (hereinafter: “Version N”) and the previous Version (hereinafter “Version N-1”). End User shall be eligible for such Maintenance and Support Services only if and to the extent (i) End User has duly paid the applicable Maintenance and Support Fees; and (ii) End User is using Version N and/or Version N-1 of the Software. In case End User’s right to Support and Maintenance Services is terminated as a result of a new release of the Software (either an Update or an Upgrade, End User shall not be entitled to any refunds of Maintenance and Support Fees.

Response to Inquiries. Subject to End User’s payment of the applicable Maintenance and Support Fees, (i) End User’s installation support inquiries will be accepted by Reseller (or in case the End User acquired the Software directly from Awingu, by Awingu) during normal business hours; and (ii) End User’s technical support inquiries are accepted at any time and will be answered during normal business hours. Reseller (or Awingu, as the case may be) will attempt to respond to inquiries within the same business day.

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