Scope of Support for Awingu

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During the term of your active support package for Parallels commercial products, the Parallels team will provide expert level guidance and troubleshooting in connection with questions and issues arising from the installation, configuration, and use of Parallels software, bug fixes, and issue resolution.

Installation: Support for installation (or upgrade) includes providing guidance and troubleshooting in connection with customers' downloading and installing, or upgrading the software. It does not include installing Awingu from scratch or doing the upgrade for the customer when there are no technical issues which prevent an upgrade.

Configuration Issues: Support for configuration includes troubleshooting customers’ configuration settings for existing installations on approved environments to ensure proper operation and functionality.

Basic Product Functionality Questions: Parallels experts will answer your "how to" questions related to standard and intended product usage.

Product Defect Verification and Reporting: Bug identification. Enhancement and Feature Request Submission

Versions of Supported Products Covered by Parallels Support

Supported Versions: See Awingu Product End-of-Maintenance and Support Policy

Environments Supported: Parallels supports use of its products only on the platforms (hardware and operating systems) specified in the release documentation for each Parallels product.

What Support Excludes

The following are excluded from Parallels Support obligations:


The terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA) apply.


Customers entitled to maintenance and support:



Awingu shall provide End User, from time to time, with Updates (including periodic distribution of bug fixes, maintenance releases and minor enhancements) as scheduled by Awingu in its sole discretion. End User may refuse to accept an Update.

The Maintenance and Support Services shall be exclusive of any Upgrades to the Software. In order for End User to receive and use such Upgrade, End User must (i) pay the applicable License Fees for that Upgrade; (ii) to the extent not included in such applicable License Fees, pay the applicable Maintenance and Support Fees for the then current Maintenance Period. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the terms of this EULA shall apply and the Upgrade shall be deemed Licensed Software upon payment by End User of the applicable License Fees.



Upon each new release (regardless whether such release constitutes an Upgrade or an Update), Awingu shall maintain only the Version of the Product that has been thus revised (hereinafter: “Version N”) and the previous Version (hereinafter “Version N-1”). End User shall be eligible for such Maintenance and Support Services only if and to the extent (i) End User has duly paid the applicable Maintenance and Support Fees; and (ii) End User is using Version N and/or Version N-1 of the Software. In case End User’s right to Support and Maintenance Services is terminated as a result of a new release of the Software (either an Update or an Upgrade, End User shall not be entitled to any refunds of Maintenance and Support Fees.

Response to Inquiries. Subject to End User’s payment of the applicable Maintenance and Support Fees, (i) End User’s installation support inquiries will be accepted by Reseller (or in case the End User acquired the Software directly from Awingu, by Awingu) during normal business hours; and (ii) End User’s technical support inquiries are accepted at any time and will be answered during normal business hours. Reseller (or Awingu, as the case may be) will attempt to respond to inquiries within the same business day.



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