User ends up on different RDS host than the one specified for the application in Parallels Secure Workspace

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When a user launches an application session, they do not end up on the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) host that is configured in the application's settings in Parallels Secure Workspace.

Instead, they end up on a different RD session host.


In case there is an RDS Broker configured (Microsoft back end), the RDS host may redirect the incoming request to the RDS broker instead; which then redirects the user to a different RD session host.


When on the Microsoft Windows Server infrastructure there is an RD Connection Broker configured, Parallels Secure Workspace should also connect through this RD Connection Broker (using an rdscollection label) rather than directly to the RD Session Host (using an appserver label).

See Configure an RDS Connection Broker in Parallels Secure Workspace .

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