Configure an RDS Connection Broker in Awingu

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When using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Service Connection Broker (for RDS farm), only the broker needs to be configured in Awingu. The broker will redirect Awingu to the correct application server when opening an application.

  1. Create an rdscollection label.

    Navigate to System Settings > Manage > Labels and manually add the following label:
    • Key: rdscollection
    • Value: the name of the collection configured on the broker (for example yourcollectionname).
  2. Add the broker to the application servers.

    Navigate to System Settings > Manage > Application Servers and import the RDS broker server.
  3. Add the label "rdscollection:yourcollectionname" to this application server's Server Labels.
    This way Awingu knows that if there is a connection request for the RDS collection, it has to send it to this server.
  4. Create a new application or edit an existing one under System Settings > Manage > Applications.
    Do not specify each RDS hosts' server label, but instead under Server Labels only add the newly created label "rdscollection:yourcollectionname".




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