STATUS_BREAKPOINT error in Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge

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On the Windows RDS host, one of these browsers is used:

When navigating to certain websites within an Awingu application session, the browser shows an error:




This is related to the date and time zone settings of the operating system.


The issue seems to be caused by browser updates. 

It has been addressed in Awingu 5.4 and later, but it has also been addressed by Google and Microsoft in the meanwhile.

For Awingu 5.3 and earlier: a work-around is available:

Option 1

  1. This may be restricted by the Microsoft Windows system administrator.
  2. In the system settings of the Microsoft Windows operating system, change the time zone to a different one and make sure it's applied. Then, change it back to the desired time zone and apply.
  3. (Re)start the browser in the RDS session.

Option 2

  1. Run PowerShell (non-elevated).
  2. Enter this cmdlet:
  3. Verify the ID of the time zone, this should actually already be correct.
  4. Enter this cmdlet:
    Set-Timezone "Name of your time zone"
    For example:
    Set-Timezone "Romance Standard Time"
  5. (Re)start the browser in the RDS session.


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