Application session recording doesn't work

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Application session recording doesn't work.



  1. Go to System Settings > Configure > User Connector and scroll down to the Application session recording section.
  2. Validate the Recordings Upload URL.
    • Only SMB/CIFS and HTTP (WebDAV) are supported. HTTPS is not supported.
      • SMB example: smb://DOMAIN\username:password@server:port/path/to/save
        Note that DOMAIN should match an Awingu domain name, which might be different from the NetBIOS name, and must be uppercase. 
        • Mind that when specifying the username and password,
      • HTTP example: http://username:password@server:port/path/to/save
  3. If still not working:
    • Validate the permissions for the specified user (in the URL) at the target server.
    • Validate connectivity.

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