RDS broker problems - Applications in an RDS Session Collection not working: known issues with RDS Session Collection names

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Some scenarios cause a mismatch between the RDS Session Collection name used in Microsoft Windows and the settings configured in Parallels Secure Workspace.

Known causes:


In the following situations, a mismatch between the Session Collection name as shown in the Microsoft Windows Server GUI and the value specified in the Parallels Secure Workspace label can occur:

1. Changing the Session Collection name

In an RDS farm with broker, when changing the name of an existing Session Collection (and changing rdscollection labels accordingly in Parallels Secure Workspace), applications published through Parallels Secure Workspace don't work anymore. 

When the name is changed, it seems that Microsoft Windows only updates it in the GUI and still uses the original name in the background (for example when downloading an RDP file via RDWeb).

Check the following to learn the original name of the Session Collection when it was created:

Registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\CentralPublishedResources\PublishedFarms\<CollectionName>
File Path: C:\Windows\RemotePackages\CPubFarms\<CollectionName>

It is this name that must be used as an rdscollection: label in Parallels Secure Workspace for the applications to work using the RDS Broker. For example, when initially creating Session Collection 'CollectionA' and renaming it to 'CollectionB', use the following label for the broker/application in Parallels Secure Workspace: rdscollection:CollectionA .


2. Long Session Collection Names

Session collection names with more than 15 characters will get truncated to 15 characters because of the NETBIOS character limit. This will result in a mismatch between the collection name shown in the GUI and the actual collection name as stored in the Microsoft Windows registry. In that case, the value for the collection name in the Parallels Secure Workspace label should also be truncated to 15 characters in order to match the collection name in the Microsoft Windows registry.


3. Session Collection names containing spaces

If the Session Collection name contains spaces, those spaces will be automatically converted to underscores. So, the actual Session Collection name that is stored in the Microsoft Windows registry will contain underscores. Please make sure that the value for the Session Collection name in the Parallels Secure Workspace label also contains underscores instead of spaces.


4. Dots will be removed

When creating a Session Collection name with dots in it, these dots will be removed. So 'Session.Col' will become 'SessionCol'


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