Updating HALB appliances in RAS 18

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HALB appliances do not support up in-place upgrade unlike other Parallels RAS components.

You need to replace the old appliance with a new one preserving its network settings.

Please follow the steps below to perform the upgrade:

1. Go to the Parallels RAS download link and download the HALB appliance in the appropriate format;

2. Import it to your hypervisor and assign it to the same network as the old appliance;

3. Go to RAS ConsoleFarm HALB Virtual Servers Devices and remove the old appliance:

4. Shutdown the old appliance;

5. Configure the new appliance using the settings from the old appliance:

   1) Select network configuration:

    2) Set up network settings:

    3) Enable or skip system notifications:

6. Add the new appliance to RAS ConsoleFarm HALB Virtual Servers:

    1) Select Virtual Server from the list → Properties Devices  click on "+" icon → Add the new appliance IP addressOKOKApply:

7. Remove the old appliance from the hypervisor.

8. If there are several HALBs in the environment, repeat steps 3-7 for the rest.

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