"The user name or password" is incorrect while launching a published application using SAML

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[I 6D/00000025/T0E40/P0BEC] 15-02-21 12:16:35 - No valid certificate for user user-1 (CN=user-1,OU=...) was found. A new certificate needs to be enrolled
[W 6D/00000025/T0E40/P0BEC] 15-02-21 12:16:35 - Failed to enroll certificate for user user-1 (CN=user-1,OU=...) (The certificate is revoked. [0x80092010])


The Event Viewer's Security log on the RDSH has the event 4685 recorded during the login attempt:



The certificate of the enrollment user account is revoked.


  1. On the Enrollment Server Agent open MMC via enrollment user account (right-click on MMC > Run as a different user) > File > Add/Remove Snap-in > Certificates > Add > My user account > Finish.

  2. Open the Personal Certificates Folder, locate the revoked certificate issued via PrlsEnrollmentAgent Template > right-click > Delete.

  3. Once the certificate deleted, issue a new PrlsEnrollmentAgent certificate to Enrollment Agent user
  4. Restart RAS Enrollment Agent service.


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