Enrollment Server stays in "Not Verified" state

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Enrollment Server stays in Not Verified state.

[T 00/00000000/T1D30/P0B3C] 08-06-20 14:40:03 - Started Thread PA Settings Thread (id 0x21b8 handle 724), threads running 3
[T 6D/0000000B/T21B8/P0B3C] 08-06-20 14:40:03 - Connecting to the next PA...
[T 6D/00000008/T21B8/P0B3C] 08-06-20 14:40:03 - No Agent ID available. Waiting for connection request from the PA
[E 6D/00000003/T21B8/P0B3C] 08-06-20 14:40:03 - Failed to connect to any PA.


Incoming connections on port 30030 are blocked.


Please allow incoming TCP and UDP connections from RAS Publishing Agent and RAS Console on the Enrollment Server over the port 30030.

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