Unable to use tools in Parallels Toolbox for Windows

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Some tools in Parallels Toolbox for Windows do not work. I get ffmpeg.exe or ffprobe.exe error message when trying to use them.


Tools such as Convert Video, Download Video or any others which use ffmpeg.exe and ffprobe.exe require MFPlat.dll that is a part of Windows Media Pack.

It is not included in Windows N and Windows KN variations and must be downloaded separately.


  1. Check if you have got Windows 10 N or KN edition installed.

    In Windows search bar type in cmd > select the appeared Command Prompt application to open it.

    In Command Prompt type in winver to get the information about your Windows license.

    Make sure it has N or KN beside Windows version.
  2. Download and install the additional pack depending on your Windows version.

    Windows 10
  3. Restart Windows, launch Parallels Toolbox and start the desired tool again.

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