Enroll a macOS virtual machine in Parallels Desktop using JAMF or another MDM provider

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Note: this feature is available only in Parallels Desktop Pro and Parallels Desktop Business editions. Parallels Desktop for Mac doesn't support this feature on Mac computers with Apple M1 chips.

To perform a macOS virtual machine enrollment in Parallels Desktop using JAMF or any other MDM (Mobile device management) provider it's required to change the virtual machine serial number and hardware model identifier.

  1. Start creating a new macOS VM using a DMG or an app file downloaded from App Store.
  2. Once the OS installation finishes, shut down the virtual machine.
  3. Go to the virtual machine configuration, Hardware > Boot Order > Advanced Settings.
  4. Enter the following two system flags:



    For example:



  5. Close the configuration window and create a snapshot as per instructions from the article.

  6. Start the virtual machine.

If after changing the JAMF version and/or upgrading Parallels Desktop version the enrollment cannot be performed, delete a record for this VM asset in JSS under "Advanced Mobile Device Searches".

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