Text in clipboard loses formatting

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When text is copied in published app (or remote desktop) and pasted locally, it loses formatting (font, style, tables, etc) and can be pasted only as plain text:


Known issue of RDP, actual for Windows Server 2012 R2 and previous versions. Links for reference :

Remote Desktop Clipboard missing HTML format when c drive redirected,

RDS Clipboard loosing HTML format when c drive redirected.


Microsoft did resolve the issue in Windows Server 2016, upgrade to this version is recommended.


You may disable redirection of local drive where user folder %TMP% is located (C:\ by default):

  1. Log off the current session and open Connection properties:

  2. Proceed to Local resources tab and press Configure drives...:

  3. Uncheck Use all disk drives available, the drive containing user %TMP% folder (Local Disk (C:) by default) and press OK twice to apply the settings:

  4. Establish the connection and review the result:


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