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Deploying Parallels Toolbox Business Edition on Windows computers

  • Parallels Toolbox Business Edition


To deploy Parallels Toolbox on Windows computers in your organization, you need to execute the Parallels Toolbox installer from the command line specifying the desired parameters. This can be done using any of the available remote software deployment tools.

Common parameters

  • /silent Silent installation. The installer will run in the background with no user interface displayed on the screen. If this parameter is used, the installed must be run as administrator.
  • /nointeractive Silent installation with limited user interface. No actions are required from the user except for the elevation (User Account Control) dialog. If this option is used, the user will be able to specify administrator credentials for the installation if needed.
  • /v"<business_params>" The business parameters section, where is a list of parameters. See the Business parameters below.

Business parameters

  • ACTIVATION_KEY Parallels Toolbox Business Edition license key. The key will be used to automatically activate Parallels Toolbox on a target computer after the installation.
  • ALLOWED_TOOLS=<list_of_tools> Allows you to specify individual tools that should be available to users. The list should contain tool names separated by commas with no spaces. Special value "BusinessToolSet" can also be used to enable only the business tools, which is a predefined set aimed at business users. For the complete list of tools, including the predefined business tool set, see KB 124365. If the ALLOWED_TOOLS parameter is omitted, all tools will be available to users.
  • UPDATE_ENABLED=Yes/No Whether Parallels Toolbox should check for product updates. If the parameter is omitted, Parallels Toolbox will check for updates.


Here is an example of executing the Parallels Toolbox installer from the command line:

ParallelsToolbox-1.5.0-778.exe /silent /v"ACTIVATION_KEY=ABCD-0002-WXYZ-1111 ALLOWED_TOOLS=BusinessToolSet UPDATE_ENABLED=No"

  • In the example above, the following options are used:
  • Perform a completely silent installation.
  • Parallels Toolbox will be activated using the specified license key (ABCD-0002-WXYZ-1111).
  • Only business tools (a predefined set) will be available to users.
  • Parallels Toolbox will not be checking for updates.


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