What tools are available in Parallels Toolbox Business Edition for Windows?

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The following table contains the complete set of tools available in Parallels Toolbox for Windows. The Business Tool column indicates whether a tool is included in the predefined business tool set. Visit KB 124367 for information on enabling the hidden tools.


Tool Name Business Tool
Archive Yes
CaptureArea Yes
CaptureScreen Yes
CaptureWindow Yes
CleanDrive Yes
ConvertVideo NO
DisableCamera Yes
DoNotDisturb Yes
DoNotSleep Yes
DownloadVideo NO
EjectVolumes Yes
HideDesktop Yes
LockScreen Yes
MuteMicrophone Yes
Launch Yes
PresentationMode Yes
RecordArea Yes
RecordAudio Yes
RecordScreen Yes
RecordWindow Yes
SwitchResolution Yes
TakePhoto Yes
TakeVideo Yes
Unarchive Yes




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