Parallels Desktop for Mac bonus software

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Parallels Desktop for Mac offers the following software at no additional charge:

Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Windows

Parallels Toolbox is a collection of essential tools that you're sure to find useful as you work with your Mac or Windows. Parallels Toolbox provides quick access to many common functions that are either hidden, require hard-to-remember keyboard shortcuts, or are otherwise not available.

Parallels Toolbox comes with any future bug fixes and new tools.

To get started with Parallels Toolbox for Mac, please visit KB 123904. See KB 124183 for information on Parallels Toolbox for Windows.

Note for perpetual license owners

If you upgrade from earlier Parallels Desktop copies, make sure to update Parallels Toolbox to the latest version to get all the new tools: click on the Parallels Toolbox icon > Cogwheel > Check for Updates.

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