Getting started with Parallels Toolbox for Windows

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Parallels Toolbox is a collection of convenient, easy-to-use, lightweight applicationsor toolsto help you focus, get things done, and stay secure. It provides quick access to many common functions that are either hidden, require hard-to-remember keyboard shortcuts or are just not available.

Visit KB 124200 to see the list of available tools.


To install Parallels Toolbox for Windows, download it, double-click the installation file (.exe), and follow the onscreen instructions.


Once Parallels Toolbox is installed and started, sign-in to your Parallels account or create a new one.

After that, do one of the following:

Using Parallels Toolbox

  1. To learn more about a particular tool, move the pointer over the tool, right-click and select About.

    Note: Add any tool to Favorites for easier access by right-clicking and choosing Add to Favorites. All tools can be launched from the Windows Start Menu by typing the name in search field.

  2. To enable a tool, simply click on its icon.

    The enabled tools are marked with a white circle:

For more details on Parallels Toolbox features refer to the Parallels Toolbox for Windows User's Guide.

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