How to create a technical report in Parallels Toolbox

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NOTE: Please make sure that Parallels Toolbox was updated to the latest version on your Mac.

Technical data report consists of computer configuration information, log files and Parallels account & license information. Parallels Engineering and Support teams use this information to diagnose and troubleshoot reported issues. Technical report does not include any sensitive information apart from display screenshot. For more information about technical data report details please refer to KB 114025.

Note: Sending a technical data report to Parallels is not considered a request to Parallels Support and does not create a ticket for a Parallels Support team automatically. If you need to open a support request, please visit this page.

  1. To send a technical data report click the Parallels Toolbox icon in Mac menu bar > Settings (asterisk icon) > Help > Send Technical Data...:

  2. Wait for the report to be generated. Add a detailed issue description, your name and email address and click Send Report:

  3. Once the report is sent successfully, write down its ID number and pass it to Parallels Support.


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