Unable to install Parallels Client on HP ThinPro thin client

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Installation of Parallels Client fails with the following errors:

    dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of 2xclient:
     2xclient depends on udisks: however:
      Package udisks is not installed.
    dpkg: error processingg 2xclient (--install):
     dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
    Processing triggers for shared-mime-nfo ...
    Errors were encountered while processing:


HP ThinPro OS missing the dependencies needed for Parallels Client.


  1. Download the launch_ras_client.sh script.

  2. Boot the ThinPro thin client.
  3. Enter in the Administrative mode.
  4. Copy the script under opt/2X/Client/scripts and set executable permissions.
  5. Create the custom connection with the script name as the command to execute.
  6. Close all windows.
  7. Switch back to the user mode.
  8. Execute the script.
  9. Reboot the machine the machine to make sure that the client installed successfully.

NOTE: You would need administrative access to install the script but you should then be able to run the script through a link.

For T530 model please download launch_ras_client_t530.sh and replace the original script. Change it's name to launch_ras_client.sh and continue with above steps.

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