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How do I create a sublicense for Parallels Remote Application Server?

  • Parallels Remote Application Server


To create a sublicense, log in to the Parallels business account. If you do not have a Parallels business account yet, register one according to the instructions in KB 123518.

Go to Subscriptions and Licenses > Corporate Subscriptions, and click on the subscription you would like to create a sublicense for. If you don't see the subscription on this page, register it as advised in KB 123520.

Scroll down the page to the Products section and click on Details.


You will see the Sublicenses section. Click on Create a sublicense. You will see a new window where you will be able to do the following:

  1. Give the sublicense a name.

  2. Select the number of concurrent users you would like to allocate to the license.

  3. Set the expiration date:

    • With the subscription: The sublicense expiration date will be the same as the expiration date of the main license.

    • On date: The sublicense expiration date will be the one you set in this field.


After you set all the characteristrics, click Create. The sublicense will appear in the Sublicenses list.


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