Previously working Windows virtual machine now shows "No boot device is available"

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Windows virtual machine was working before but now shows No boot device is available when booting up.


Virtual machine configuration file not being read correctly.


  1. Shutdown the Windows virtual machine.

  2. Open the virtual machine hard disk configuration: go to menu bar at the top > Actions > Configure > Hardware tab > Hard Disk 1.

  3. In Source drop-down menu choose Disconnected option.

  4. Close the Configuration menu and quit Parallels Desktop.

  5. Launch Parallels Desktop and access the virtual machine hard disk configuration menu once again.

  6. Select the source and navigate to the .hdd file located in the .pvm bundle.

  7. You should now see your virtual hard drive file listed in Source drop-down menu:

  8. Close the Configuration menu and start the windows Windows virtual machine.

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