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How to move existing RAS installation to new machine from an old one?

  • Parallels Remote Application Server 15.0
  • Parallels Remote Application Server 14.1
  • Parallels Remote Application Server 14.0
  • Parallels Remote Application Server 12.0


How to move existing RAS installation to new machine from an old one?


In order to migrate your existing Remote Application Server installation, do the following:

  1. Deploy a backup agent to New Machine:

    • In RAS Console go to Farm > Publishing Agents (Backup Servers in v14.1) > click on +


  2. Change New Machine's priority to Master:

    • On the new server open Console go to Farm > Backup Servers > right-click on new added server > Promote Backup to Master


  3. Change Parallels clients to point to new server:

    • File > Add new connection...


  4. Remove Old machine's RAS agents (Gateway, Publishing, etc.) using RAS Console in New Machine.

  5. Remove RAS from the Old Machine using Windows Control Panel

NOTE: Should the old master server act also as a Terminal Server Agent within your farm, if the goal is to decomission the old server, it is important to install the software published on a new Terminal Server and update the publishing rules to reflect the new installation.

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