RAS Reporting installation fails on Non-English versions of SQL

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When installing RAS Reporting on Non-English version of SQL, the installation fails.


During the setup and creation of the database and schemas, roles and permission delegation are created for the RAS Reporting user.

In non English versions of SQL, these are created using the native language of SQL.

As a result, the installation would fail as role and permission delegation should be in English.


Create the roles manually on SQL in English.

For demonstrative purposes, the process will be shown on a Japanese version of SQL below. Some screenshots are shown next to their English counter-part as well.

Creating new roles in Reporting Services named ‘Browser’ and ‘Content Manager’:

  1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio, change server type to Reporting Services and connect to the RAS Reporting Instance.

  2. Go to Security > Roles, and create a new Role

  3. Name the Roles Browser and Content Manager with the following tasks:

    • Browser: View reports; View resources; View folders; Manage individual subscriptions; View models
    • Content Manager: All tasks
  4. The newly added roles should now be shown under Security > Roles.


    Following the creation of these Roles, the RAS Reporting Setup should complete gracefully.

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