Migrated Windows virtual machine crashes with BSOD 7B.

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I cannot login to Virtual Machine that was migrated from PC.

Windows crashes with Blue screen of Death (BSOD) STOP 0x7B or System Repair screen


Conflicting drivers/interface configuration.


NOTE: before proceeding with the further actions please create a backup of the Virtual Machine .pvm bundle.

  1. Launch Parallels Desktop but do not start migrated virtual machine.

  2. Open your Virtual Machine's Configuration> Hardware > Boot Order and add the following string into the Boot Flags field:

  3. Check "Select boot device on startup" checkbox.

  4. Boot virtual machine in Recovery mode:

    • Click into the virtual machine window,

    • Press Esc and choose the SATA drive as boot device:

    • Then immediately press F8 repeatedly to get to Advanced Boot Options screen.

    • Choose "Repair Your Computer":

  5. In System Recovery Options click on "Command Prompt":

  6. Using the Command Prompt switch to C:\Windows\system32\config folder.

    Note: in some cases Windows can be installed on drive D:\ or some other letter. It depends on your particular setting.

    • To check where Windows is installed, execute:


      and then:

      list volume

      the output should be similar to:


      You need to find the drive letter where OS is installed (from the example above, this is drive E:).

    • Once you found the drive, change directory to the required folder:

      cd Windows\System32\config
  7. Load the SYSTEM registry hive:

    reg load hklm\fix_SYSTEM SYSTEM 
  8. Launch Registry Editor to make necessary changes:


    and hit Return in order to start Registry Editor.

  9. Find and edit the following registry key:

    • in the right pane locate the value 'UpperFilters' and set it to 'PartMgr'.

    • in the right pane locate the value 'LowerFilters' and delete it.


      NOTE: in some cases 'UpperFilters' may have several values, some of them might be needful for system load. Such as 'gpt_loader'. Such values also should be left.


      ALSO, if your drive is encrypted by PointSec software, you should leave 'prot_2k' value as well.

  10. Repeat step 9 for the following key:

  11. Close Registry Editor, return to Command Prompt and unload the SYSTEM hive:

    reg unload hklm\fix_SYSTEM
  12. Restart virtual machine. Once you confirm that it boots fine, revert the changes performed in steps 2 and 3.

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