Cannot install software on a target Mac using software distribution

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Cannot install software on a target Mac using software distribution. Software deployment completed with 7.

pma_agent.log on a Mac contains the following entries:

02-17 17:47:08.951 D /ContentManager:1753:a13/ Got content location info for content id 'T120000A', status = 0
02-17 17:47:08.951 D /ContentManager:1753:a13/ Skipping download from site 'https://win2008e-001.pmm12.dom/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/T120000A' that has locality 'FALLBACK' since downloading from fallback distribution points is prohibited
02-17 17:47:08.952 D /ContentManager:1753:a13/ No suitable download locations found for 'T120000A'
'SoftDistWarningDownloadAndLocationFailedEvent' for 'a4dbe4b3-c0e3-4740-834d-967e1278bbe5' submitted with 0 
02-17 17:47:08.955 I /SoftDistAgent:69:507/ Software deployment 'MP220131-MP200041-9F745236' completed with 7


Boundary groups are not properly configured in SCCM2012


  1. Go to Administration -> Overview -> Hierarchy Configuration -> Boundary Groups
  2. Make sure a Boundary Group for the target Macs exists. Create it if it is not there.
  3. Open The Boundary Group Property -> Preferences tab
  4. Verify the Use this boundary group for site assignment option is checked
  5. Verify the Distribution point server is listed under Site system servers. Add the correct server if it is not listed.

  6. Click Ok when done.

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