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Converting Virtual Box virtual machine to Parallels Desktop

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  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition
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I am trying to convert VirtualBox .vdi file to Parallels virtual machine but unable to do so.


In some cases conversion from vdi is not supported by Parallels Desktop.


  1. In the VirtualBox Manager, right-click on VM > Clone.

    NOTE: Make a Full, complete clone that will NOT have any snapshots. This is an important step because Parallels Desktop can not import a VM that includes snapshots.

  2. Launch the new clone of your VM, and uninstall the VBox Guest Additions.

    For example: if the VM is Windows 7, you’ll find them off the Start-> All Programs-> Oracle VM Virtual Guest Additions -> Uninstall

  3. Shut down the Guest OS properly. (Not Sleep/hibernate)

  4. Open Parallels Desktop (in the Applications folder) and choose File > Open.

  5. Select .vbox file that you prepared.

  6. Wait till conversion will be completed.

  7. Your Parallels Desktop virtual machine is almost ready. Install Parallels Tools and that is it!

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