What is a Parallels account?

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My Account is the Parallels Web application that enables Parallels customers - consumers and companies - to browse and manage subscriptions and permanent licenses for various Parallels products.

A Parallels account allows to use a single email address to view and manage personal and business products.

Subscriptions and licenses registered in a personal account belong to an owner of the personal account exclusively. Subscriptions and licenses registered in a business account belong to a company, and any admin of a business account can view and manage all the licenses registered under the business account.

Within a business account, an email can be assigned privileges of an admin, or a regular member. An admin of a business account can manage other users (regular members and admins) and company assets (subscriptions/licenses). You can be an admin of several business accounts and switch between the accounts.

My Account provides the following functionality:

If you would like to get more information on managing a business license, visit KB 123516.

For more information on managing products for home, visit KB 123378.

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