When enabling 'Share Mac applications with Windows' some apps are not transferred to Windows side

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When enabling 'Share Mac applications with Windows', you do not see your application in the list of applications (when using 'Open with...') and in AppData/Roaming/Parallels/Shared Applications/


Some of the Mac apps are not really transfered to the Windows side. This happens because Parallels Desktop cannot detect them due to their structure singularity. Usually these are java-based apps. Also it happens with LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Adobe Photoshop, etc.


As a workaround please do the following (example is for Adobe Photoshop app):

  1. Open Finder/Applications
  2. Copy Adobe Photoshop.app file from Adobe Photoshop CC bundle to Applications folder.
  3. Choose Adobe Photoshop as a default program on Windows side.

  4. Restart Mac to apply changes.

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